Developing today, the energy for tomorrow

How has Chile's energy revolution shaped the industry worldwide?

We are a natural laboratory for the energy of the future and a Clean Energy Leader. We have a unique environment accompanied by state-of-the-art policies for the development of new sustainable energy technologies. Public and private energy

1. Energy Industry in Chile - Projections and Opportunities: 





Chile’s Electric Power Industry looks to Cement Renewable Revolution Gains






2. Discover the Energy Industry success stories in Chile:


  • EIG Global Energy Partners

The US company EIG Global Energy Partners (EIG) was founded in Washington in 1982 and has offices in Brazil. It provides institutional capital to international companies in the oil and gas, transport and distribution, infrastructure, energy, and renewables more

  • Sojitz Corporation: Solar energy with Japanese technology

Sojitz Corporation is a Japanese company involved in a great variety of businesses around the world. It is active in diverse sectors such as the automotive industry, aerospace, medical infrastructure, energy, more 

  • State Grid: Leader in electrical distribution in Chile

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is the largest power distribution and transmission company in the world.  The company has invested and operates transmission networks in nine countries, in addition to more

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