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Incentives available

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    Incentives for Foreign Investment

    The state of Chile supports economic activities, entrepreneurship, innovation and the

    competitiveness of all companies, regardless of their origin, through special norms and benefits that are available to companies legally constituted in the country.

    Incentives Available

    Law on Remote Areas

    This law seeks to foster the development of particular parts of the country. There are three areas of application: Arica y Parinacota and Tarapacá Regions; Chiloé and Palena Provinces of the Los Lagos Region; and Aysén and Magallanes Regions. The benefits included tax credit for investments; subsidy for labor costs; subsidy for investment,

    Decree with Force of Law (DFL) N° 15; and ax-Free Zones.

    Research and Development

    Under Law 20.241, a tax benefit is available for investment in research and

    development (R&D). This consists in the right to a credit against First Category Tax from which companies can deduct up to 35% of the amount devoted to R&D activities.

    Investment Incentives

    The principal institution offering incentives for overseas companies is CORFO. The most important incentives for the implementation of an investment project take the

    form of non-repayable grants are: the Program of Support for Projects at the PreInvestment Stage (PRAP) and the Integrated Promotion Initiatives (IFI).

    National Network for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Research

    Companies operating in Chile have access to a broad network for the promotion of

    entrepreneurship, innovation and research. This comprises a series of government agencies, which offer different support programs, including principally: CORFO

    (Economic Development Agency); ProChile (Export Promotion Agency); and SENCE

    (National Training and Employment Service)

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