Intellectual Property in Chile

Chile’s regulation and procedures for protecting intellectual property, including:


Intellectual Property

Chile has a number of institutions with powers related to intellectual property. The most important is the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI), which is responsible for patents on inventions, utility models, and commercial and collective trademarks, and certification of geographical indications and denominations of origin.



Registering a Trademark

The protection obtained by registering a trademark is country-specific - or, in other words,

covers only Chile - and temporary, lasting for ten years. It can, however, be renewed indefinitely for further periods of ten years on payment of the corresponding fee.

The procedure for registering a trademark, denomination of origin, or geographical indication comprises the following stages: Application for registration; Formal examination; and Definitive resolution.


Registering a Patent

Applications to register a patent for inventions, utility models, industrial designs or

drawings, layout designs or topographies of integrated circuits can be presented

in person or online. The procedure comprises the following stages: Application forms; Preliminary examination; Objections; Expert examination; Resolution and definitive

acceptance; Payment of official fee and proof of payment; Certificate; and duration of the patent.



In Chile, copyright and other related rights are regulated by Law 17.336 on Intellectual

Property. The state system for registering these rights is managed by the Intellectual

Rights Department of the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DIBAM). Registration can be carried out in person, online or by post.


Registering a website in the .cl domain

NIC Chile, an organization that forms part of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical

Sciences of the University of Chile, is responsible for the registration of websites in the .cl domain. Applications for registration of websites in the .cl domain can be filed by natural persons and public or private legal entities domiciled in Chile or overseas.

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