Tomorrow's mining- productive and sustainable

Logistics, main players, the geological potential of the Country, legislation, business opportunities

Chile is a worldwide leader in mining. We have the experience to be your strategic partners in innovation projects by adding value to your company. The largest mining companies in the world operate in our country and the investment forecasts are for more than US$ 60 billion over the next seven years.

1. Mining Industry in Chile - Projections and Opportunities: 

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This guide is an overview of the Mining Sector in Chile, and contains information about Logistics Serving the Mining Sector, Copper (Chile’s King of Metals), Main Players and Operations, Geological Potential of the Country, Mining Legislation, Business Opportunities in Mining and Relevant Mining Associations:



2. Public Portfolio of Investment Opportunities 


In the third edition of “Chilean Mining: Powering the green economy”, the Ministry of Mining includes a portfolio of 33 initiatives. Among them, 28 projects are under the exploration category while 5 projects correspond to more advanced stages or pre-mining development. Regarding ores with an economic objective, 19 copper projects, 9 gold projects, 3 iron projects, 1 zinc project, and 1 salt project.


3. Discover the Mining Industry success stories in Chile 

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