What is a RUT?

RUT is an acronym for "Single Tax Role"

RUT is an acronym for "Single Tax Role", a unique and unrepeatable tax identification number granted by the Internal Revenue Service to any person (natural or legal, domestic or foreign) who is liable to cause taxes in Chile.

Foreigners who are not domiciled or resident in Chile and who make investments, either through the acquisition of goods or rights that require formalities and registrations in public registers, must obtain a RUT in the Internal Revenue Service before making such investments.

prejudice to the foregoing, it should be emphasized that any foreign investor, without domicile or residence in Chile, will also have the obligation to appoint a legal representative domiciled or resident in Chile, to act before the tax administration, in different situations. This legal representative may be national or foreign.

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Is there a legal requirement to have a local partner to invest in Chile?

There is no legal requirement to have a local partner to invest in Chile. That is, a foreign investor may hold 100% of the share capital of a Chilean company.


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